The VIN of my '86 Monte Carlo SS is 1G1GZ37G2GR217783

1 United States
G General Motors
1 Chevrolet
G El Camino/Monte Carlo
Z Monte Carlo
37 2 Door Notchback Coupe
G L69 4BBL 305ci (5.0L) High Output V8 (this means that it is a genuine SS)
2 Check Digit
G 1986
R Arlington, Tx

There are a few locations on the car that the VIN number (or partial VIN) appear:
- Left Side Dash at windshield (the obvious place)
- On the engine block ID pad, behind the alternator, above the waterpump.
- Optional engine block location, next to oil filter attachment point.
- On the transmission, driver's side, above pan, toward rear
- On the rear axle, (left or right side) adjacent to carrier
- On the battery (the likelyhood that the original battery is still there is very remote)
- On the alternator, top drive end frame
- On the starter, outer case, toward rear